Why Choose a CIJ Printer?

If you are looking for a printer for your business, you must have come across the continuous inkjet printer, otherwise known as the CIJ printer. For a long time, the CIJ printers have been used in various industries ranging from automotive to cosmetic industries to meet coding and marking needs.

These printers play a central role in instances when reliability, speed and flexibility are necessary. These printers work by pushing a continuous stream of ink into the printer, which then breaks the stream into small droplets that are electrically charged to a surface to achieve the desired mark. You will come across various designs of this printer, but the concept remains the same.

As a business owner, you need to choose this type of printer because of various reasons:

High Speed of Printing

CIJ printers make use of a non-contact method to create high-speed markings on the product in question. Most commonly, this technology is used to print information on labels and other surfaces. The high speed makes it possible to print the information on various materials such as metal, wood, glass and rubber. The high speed makes it possible to print faster than other methods.

The ink used in this technology dries very fast which is a huge advantage for an environment that deals in a fast moving product.

High-Quality Prints

Despite the speed of printing, a significant advantage of the printer is the high quality of output. You can accommodate all manner of sizes and make marks that are reminiscent of what the client wants to the end product.

The printer can print the smallest characters without compromising on clarity and precision.


You can make marks on both flat and curved surfaces, as well as uneven surfaces. This is possible because the nozzle of the printer doesn’t come into contact with the surface at any one time, and you can, therefore, spray the ink on curved surfaces as well as edges easily. The marks you make on the curved surfaces will be legible and clear.

The versatility, however, depends on the type of printer you choose for the task. To avoid any embarrassment, get a CIJ Printer from Needham because they stock high-quality printers ideal for business printing needs.

In Closing

The use of CIJ printing in businesses cannot be overlooked. This process is fast and produces high-quality prints to make your business more robust and efficient.