Tools to Use for Growing Your Instagram Account

Tools to Use for Growing Your Instagram Account

Although there are plenty of tools out there to grow your Instagram account there are probably a few things that you hadn’t thought of so let’s try to discuss these in this article.

Cold outreach with Atomic Hunter

Did you know there is a tool called Atomic Email Hunter that allows you to scrape email addresses from thousands of websites? It’s a bit of a time-consuming process, even for the tool, and yes even with fast internet, but it’s a very effective way to collect leads in your niche.

Sending emails in bulk with Gmail

Once you capture all those hyper-relevant email addresses you can send out an email in bulk using something like Gmail which allows you to email hundreds of people at the same time, I believe the limit was set at 200/day the last time I checked.

Being creative pays off

Be a little creative here in what you are going to email them but one thing you could do is ask them to share your Instagram in their next newsletter or share it in their mailing list, alternatively you could offer them a guest post and include a link to your Instagram profile by simply including a ton of pictures in that post.

A content scraper like Yotpo

This handy little tool helps you to collect user-generated content from all around the web based on your preferred search terms so that it’s hyper relevant to your business so there is no reason to run out of ideas anymore.

Combine this with a tool life Buffer

And you’ll have a full schedule to plan & post, no need for any extra tools for that. This is kind of the biggest mistake most Instagrammers make, they just post occasionally or a whole lot in one week and hardly anything the week thereafter so with these two near tools combined this will never happen to you again.

SnapWidget is such an invention

Syncing your Instagram account and your website is an ideal way to update both at the same time without spending an awful lot of time on either. Just schedule it in Buffer and your website will be updated all along. It even allows you to make awesome slideshows or put it in a different type of grid so what more would you wish for?

In conclusion

I know you expected some talk about bots like Social10x, Instagress or LikeSocial or one of the many other bots but as said in the introduction we decided to do it a little different here. If you do want to read about such bots I suggest you visit this post as they can tell you an awful lot about those.