Proven Ways To Sell Your Courses on Instagram

Millions of learners use Instagram on a daily basis. As a trainer, you can use this powerful social media tool to deliver the best courses instead of relying on text-based platforms which limit your fan base.

We want to look at some tips you can use to market your courses and generate additional income via Instagram.

Define Your Target Audience

By selling your courses on Instagram, you have automatically become an entrepreneur and just like every other entrepreneur on the platform, you need to define your target audience. These are people who are willing to pay for your guidance and instructions. Identify their needs and incorporate them in your courses. If you are not sure how to go about this, use the services of an Instagram bot. Instagram bots utilize sophisticated search technology to attract the right audience to your page. Some of the best bots are listed at

Offer Discounts

You can bundle your courses together and discount them by a small percentage. You can then create posters for this offer and share on your Instagram account to attract more customers. The more you advertise your discounts the more people get interested in your offer. The reason behind this is to sell more courses even if you will receive less pay for each individual course.

Celebrate Your Clients

This is very important when it comes to rating the impact of your training. Once you teach a course to your audience, give them a platform to share their success stories.  Post these stories on Instagram in order to prove to the world how beneficial your lessons are. This will entice more of your followers to buy the course and the celebrated client will definitely return to you for more training in future.

Create Video Clips

Although Instagram is known to be a photo-sharing platform, you can use it to share video clips with your audience. These can be course outlines, demos or tutorials. Instagram videos last a maximum of 15 seconds and you can break long courses into a series of training videos just to impress your audience. You can also add your contact information or a link to your website at the end of the clips for those who would wish to enroll for the course.


As a trainer, you can make a lot of profit on Instagram.  Remember, it is not enough to create a good course. You need a marketing plan that will increase your audience and boost your sales. Feel free to use any of the above strategies to make your courses profitable.