How To Use Instagram As A Comedian

Entertainers from all walks of life have now made social media to be their favorite spot where they can interact and get to know new people. Comedians have not been left out as they entertain people with laughter and make them forget their troubles in this ruthless world. Not too long ago, comedians would only be seen on TV or public events. Things have changed now and you do not have to buy space on such Media because the internet is all that you need. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for these entertainers. The following are some of the ways you can use Instagram as a comedian

    1. Get new audience

Most of the established brands do not need lots of efforts when it comes to growing their follower base. This is because people already know their name and a simple campaign will give them thousands of followers. However, when you are new to the industry, getting a good number of followers might not be that easy. You have to pimp your profile and keep it up-to-date with content that people are looking for. Try to be unique because copying what other people are doing might tarnish the image of your brand.

    1. Market your brand

Comedians have their place in the society and they are contracted on many occasions. People will come your way requesting you to be the master of ceremony at their events which is a good way to earn an extra buck. Posting short clips of you doing your stuff can be a good marketing strategy that will attract other potential clients. Ensure that you are reachable through email, your inbox or any other form of communication that you may prefer. Do not pamper your profile with marketing messages as this might scare people away. Ensure that you balance the type of content that you post on your wall.

    1. Link up with other stakeholders

The online world can prove to be hard to maneuver especially when you do not have the right networks. You have to get in touch with other players in the entertainment industry. A simple thing like tagging others on your post can boost your credibility. Keeping your followers engaged is important as well but it is also time-consuming. You can automate the engagement bit and get more time for your comedy.¬†SWS Mag did an editor’s review of Follow Adder¬†which is an automation tool that is quite famous in this industry.