DR998 1500W Dual Heating Review

Infrared heaters are among the most important appliances within your home especially during the cold season. Unlike the conventional heaters that tend to heat up the entire house, infrared heaters operate slightly different, thanks to the unique design. In other words, infrared heaters only heat the objects within their reach. Shopping for the best infrared heater can be very tricky. One of the best infrared heaters within the market is the DR998 1500w dual heating system. In our discussion below, we have outlined some of the desirable features of this device.

Specifications of the dr998 1500w dual heating

To begin with, the infrared heater has an electric thermostat that ranges between 50-80 degrees. Dimensionally, the heater measures 16X 11X 16 inches therefore it does not require much space within your house. During shipping, the heater weighs 26 pounds and it comes with an oscillating fan that helps in the distribution of heat within the different corners of the house. The built humidifier is yet another desirable feature that accompanies this gadget. The PTC capacitors and infrared Quartz tube enhance on its effectiveness of this infrared heater. You can use the heater within the house as well as in the kitchen during cold days

Pros of this infrared heater

The even shaped heater can easily fit into any of the rooms within your house. The lightweight nature of the heater makes it portable hence; you can use it in different areas. In addition, the infrared quartz tube capacitors greatly contribute to its functionality in terms of heating. The heater has the overheating and tip over features that will help you in ensuring the safety of kids and pets that are likely to play around the heating system. The built in humidifier assists in ejecting warm mist that promotes a wonderful atmosphere within your house. The oscillating fan featured on the heater ensures for even distribution of heat. The electronic thermostat featured on the gadget uses a water bottle in the place of a water tank. With this heater, you can heat rooms measuring as large as 1000 square feet. The DR998 1500W dual heating warms the house faster than the other heaters.

Cons of dr998 1500w dual heating

Just like any other machine, DR998 1500W dual heating has a few shortcomings. The infrared heater consumes a lot of energy hence it may be very expensive to maintain. To avoid this, you have to turn it off when it is not in use lest you spend more to pay for electricity bills. Operating this device requires maximum care because of its delicate nature. In addition, repair and maintenance is quite expensive when compared to the others.

In summary, DR998 1500W dual heating is among the best infrared heaters that you can buy. Some of the desirable features of this heater is electronic thermostat for managing temperature changes, it lightweight nature and portability as well as safety features among others. With its heating capabilities, energy efficiency as well as quietness, this device will rarely disappoint you as long as you maintain it in the most appropriate manner possible.