Benefits and disadvantages of sparkling water consumption.

Sparkling water belongs to popular cooling and soft drinks. Presently some people cannot imagine their life without this delicious product. For example, the statistical inhabitant of the United States of America drinks up to 180 liters of sparkling water a year. That four times exceeds the level of consumption of aerated water almost from the moment of its invention.

There are a lot of different companied that produce tasty soft drinks. However, such drinks is not very good for health. It is difficult to make a conclusion about contains of this or that drink. But it is even possible to make sparkling water at home. More info at Soda Serve.

Composition of the water aerated

Regular drinking sparkling water or mineral water is saturated with carbon dioxide and various nutritional supplements. In most of the cases, this is done for giving of a certain taste, aroma, and color to the water. In the food industry the sparkling water classifications depending on the composition of liquid into:

–        lightly carbonated  water;

–        medium carbonated water;

–        highly carbonated water;

In addition, there is a classification of the water depending on the brand of the producer. Nowadays exi sts the following large global manufacturers of the sparkling water drinks: Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, PepsiCo, Incorporated and The Coca-Cola Company.

History of the water aerated began with the most ancient times when the person opened for himself natural sources of drink. At the beginning of the human existence, people used the natural sparkling water only for the medical purposes.

Advantage of the sparkling water

In the past, people already knew and used the advantage of the sparkling water in practice. What is remarkable, the natural sparkling water was accepted by patients not only inside, but also was used as a basis of medical bathtubs with herbs. The advantage of the sparkling water was so obvious and exclusive that during an era of scientific and technical progress at the end of the 18th century, industrialists paid attention to natural drink.

The water aerated began to be spilled on bottles and to sell worldwide, so there was a mineral water that took leading positions over time.

Popularity regular drinking of sparkling water has both advantages and disadvantages. From one side it is ranked as medical and useful. On the other hand, most of doctors and nutritionists speak about the harm of the water aerated for a human body. However, it is necessary to differentiate water of a natural and synthetic origin (since natural sparkling water cannot be dangerous). On the contrary, as a result of the excessive and uncontrolled use of sweet drinks, the harm of the sparkling water can pour out into the disease of diabetes, problems with excess weight and obesity.